Win Lotto Prizes in Thailand

Taking part in the Thai lottery is a great way to earn huge sums of money. The government of Thailand organizes the lottery. It is one of the only forms of legal gambling in Thailand. It is held twice a month, on the first and the 16th of each month. หวยนกตาทิพย์ for 60% of the total revenue.

The lottery was first introduced in Thailand around 1832. The first lottery was held to raise funds for social and political benefits. Later, it became a way to raise funds for world war I. หวยนกตาทิพย์งวดนี้ was held at an international fair.

The government lottery office prints 70 million lottery tickets each year. Ticket prices vary depending on the numbers. The lowest ticket price is B100. The smallest prize is B1,000. The second prize is B100,000. The third prize is B40,000. The fifth prize is B10,000.

The Thai lottery is drawn twice a month. On the first and the 16th of each month, the numbers are drawn. On the second draw, all the tickets that are purchased during the previous month are checked. The numbers are printed on special yellow paper. The tickets are coated with chemicals to protect them.

Tickets can be purchased from agents and retailers. It is important to buy a ticket from a vendor that looks Thai. Avoid buying tickets from storekeepers or strangers.

In 2014, 67 million people played the government lottery. One in four people in Thailand regularly plays the lottery. The average monthly salary in Thailand is around 15,000 baht. The lottery is a way to make money and improve your lifestyle.